we care about our society

What are our social responsibilities?

Social responsibility is the belief that people or businesses should adopt an ethical and sensitive approach to those who may be affected by cultural, economical or environmental issues. Here at Limu, we are 100 percent committed to improving the social conditions of our coffee farmers around the village.

Our commitment for the society

We make regular visits to origin countries to build and maintain relationships with exporters and farmers, taking the business we do with them to a much more personal level.Ibrahim Hussien Coffee Exporter is working on the area of coffee farm and coffee mills in a specialty coffee growing districts of Ethiopia.shoulder in undertaking social responsibility and contributing our shares to impacting community development comes first.

In giving a massive emphasis for changing the livelihood of the people in the country side Ibrahim Hussien Coffee Exporter has built A clinic and a public school on the one of farm sites called “Burka Gudina” which is located in Djimma zone limu kosa woreda.


Why is Ethiopia planting trees?
The call to plant more trees is part of Ethiopia’s national “Green Legacy” initiative, which according to the prime minister’s office, aims to tackle deforestation and the effects of climate change by educating Ethiopians on the environment, and planting different “eco-friendly seedlings”. we are also part of the history by taking part with all our staff being commited to redress the plants that have been taking over for famrimg

Our impact on the Environment

we see Some major environmental problems from other companies which work  with coffee production by clearing of land, use of pesticides, pollution, deforestation, extinction of animals due to habitat destruction. but we work by reforesting the trees and using all the natural methonds in the way that doesn’t harm the environment

Our staff members and employers have planted 500 plants