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Ibrahim Hussien Coffee Grower & Exporter is a third generation of coffee growers of the family, it has been working in domestic Coffee Trade since 1960 and is active in Hulling (Handling) through our own factory.The company produces Limu Specialty Coffee which grows on an altitude of 1800-2000 m.a.s.l. on our own farm, covered with shade Tree. The Seed Type used is 74.110 and 74.165 which scores in average above 85+. Ibrahim Hussien also supply washed & sundried Arabica Coffee methods, in his own coffee plantation covering 205 Hectares in the Djimmah Zone Limu Kosa Woreda Specific name “Burka gudina farm”.

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 Ibrahim Hussien coffee, Offer stunning coffees from the birthplace of Ethiopian coffee ,which is found in the limu woreda. which is the purest and qualified you can ensure this by looking in to our international certificates and awards Ibrahim Hussien coffee exporter Coffee brings all the best tastes of coffee in to the market

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Our company has capable export trader staff working in a cupping/grading laboratory with a Q licensed grader. We export Organic (NOP & JAS), Rain Forest / Utz and CAFE Practices coffee in a way that is sustainable and responsible. The coffee farm sticks to professional guidance of agronomists & cuppers following the right procedure from planting, harvesting, processing, packing and grading (from our farm till our grading laboratory and export bags) so that you can trust our product to be consistent in quality and high specialty standards.


We aim to expand our horizons in the coming years. And take on different varieties of coffee in the future and Continuous search for specialty quality coffees. Also To become the first rank in reference as specialty green coffee Exporter, promoting our special and organic coffee



We make sure our product has been given special attention, has an organic taste and is free from toxic chemicals. We also offer a wide range of specialty coffees, based on the principles of quality, sustainability, traceability and above all the close and direct relationship with our partners. We intend to promote solid criteria on coffee, promoting practices of sustainable coffee farming.


we have a single state which every coffees varies depending on where they are produced and differ from commercial green coffees because they are never mixed in origin with other coffees from other farms in the area. That is, coffee maintains all its originality and inert personality. At this stage is where Ibrahim hussien coffee exporter fulfills its role, exporting  exclusively original coffee beans.

We explore the world with our original coffee


We Export Ethiopian Green Coffee Beans To Various Parts Of The World.We produce Limmu specialty coffee from our own farm which grows at an altitude of 1800-2000 m.a.s.l with seed types 74.110, 74.165.Target customers European,Japanese buyers,American,Korea


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