best and original coffee beans from limmu woreda

Production process

Our traditional approach has been refined over the years:

  • We select the red cherries and avoid the ripe ones for a well prepared sun-dried coffee
  • The picked cherries are spread on beds and left to dry for 9 to 11 days with morning and afternoon sun at a moisture level between 11.5% and 12%.
  • The coffee is then washed and converted into pulp using a natural fermentation process over 72 hours to remove the mucilage.
  • Finally the pulped coffee is exposed to the natural sun and stored in a dry warehouse free from contamination.

Our product

What makes it Special

There are many factors that contribute to the quality of coffee, mainly man and nature. Natural phenomenon include altitude, duration and severity of rainfall, type of soil, pH, genetic origin, location of producing area, chemicals and pesticides, harvesting methods and timing, packing and so forth. Supervision of quality coffee begins with the coffee seedlings and ends when the coffee is shipped out to the international markets. We are still pushing the best out to produce quality non-chemical organic coffee to the world’s market

Coffee seeds are generally planted in large beds in shaded nurseries. The seedlings will be watered frequently and shaded from bright sunlight until they are hearty enough to be permanently planted. Planting often takes place during the wet season, so that the soil remains moist while the roots become firmly established.

production capacity

Ibrahim Hussein Coffee Export’scompany has capable export traders including a Q licensed grader to handle export shipments in the most reliable and honest way. The company has also its own coffee plantation covering 205 hectares in the rich coffee growing Jimma region of Oromiya.The Limmu Kosa area of the region, where the plantation is located grows the unique “Burka Gudina” coffee. The plantation has grown over the years and produces over 200 tons of sun dried coffee from the 400 tons washed every year. However, we remain committed to only producing only top quality, natural and organic coffee

Free from Chemicals

With the whole plantation covered with shed trees and free from any chemicals; the selectively hand-picked red cherries are collected. For a well prepared sun dried coffee after selecting red cherries to avoid all unripe cherry over the ripe cherry and leaves to take care of the quality. The picked cherries are spread on beds and left to dry for 9 to 11 days with morning and afternoon sun at the moisture level of 11.5% to 12%. And the washed coffee is pulp on natural fermentation process which is used to remove the mucilage after 72 hours, the pulped coffee is exposed to the sun, and after drying to the moisture of 11.5% to 12% it is stored in a dry warehouse without any contamination.